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My projects

I'm a musician, artist and meditation teacher. 

Emzy on YouTube!

I created a meditation series on YouTube! I wanted to explore the idea that you can meditate anywhere, anytime! Watch as I meditate while painting, ding my make-up and so much more!

Smoke & Shadows

I sing vocals and produce music with my partner. We perform our electronic music with a professional dancer. Listen to our first vinyl release!

Emzy and the Frenzy

I taught myself Ukulele and wrote an album! I am currently working with a band (drums, guitar, bass) to get these songs ready to perform live. Here is an at-home performance of one of my songs called Trust Love.

Emzy on Instagram

Here is my Instagram! Click on the picture.

Emzy Shadows

Emzy on TikTok!

Check out my TikTok!

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